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Friend Fics
Title: ...? Fandom: Gundam SEED/Destiny Pairing: Shinn/Caga… 
15th-Jun-2006 04:13 pm
Princess Aurora
Title: ...?
Fandom: Gundam SEED/Destiny
Pairing: Shinn/Caga
Rating: PG

Because this idea wouldn't leave me alone and now there's a choppy ending...

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam SEED/Destiny or any of its characters. No profit is being made from writing this short story.


The slow and paced song was something he liked. Cagalli could tell by the way he looked up at her. Although, the song didn’t keep the other one interested, seeing as how she was asleep.

The blonde liked his determination; the way he kept reaching up for the small, bean bagged dog in her hands reminded Cagalli of when she was a child.

Maybe he would take after her.

After all, he had the same coloured eyes as her and preferred the same deep shade of red she did when she was his age. His sister would probably take after Shinn, which wasn’t too bad, considering the fact that she married him not too long ago. But at the moment, he wasn’t on her good side.

The blonde was still a little sore from giving birth a week ago and her doctor had told her to stretch once in a while. She closed her eyes and reached up for the ceiling, uttering a low moan while doing so.

Her eyes snapped open and looked down at the crib when signals of him crying went off. Smiling again, Cagalli propped her elbow up on the wood, placing her cheek on her palm and started to shake the plushie again.

As she did that, her eyes travelled to her daughter. The girl had been sleeping for almost 12 hours. The blonde was told that babies slept for a long time after being born but this was really hard to believe. She resisted the urge to wake the nameless baby up.

A low chuckle from behind caught the Representative’s attention, making her rotate her head around with her mouth slightly open. Her lips shut quickly and she snapped her head back onto her hand when she saw who it was.

It was the man who caused her to go through those torturing 16 hours.

“You know, this is an image of you I never thought I would see…My shirt sure seems comfortable.”

Cagalli flicked her eyes downwards to the big white shirt and jeans she wore. She was really happy that she could fit into her jeans again but her shirts were a different story…She closed her eyes and lowered the plushie unintentionally.

“Not talking to me?”

She heard footsteps coming towards her, making her lower the dog even more. The boy’s happy sounds were the only thing keeping her from giving Shinn a swift punch.

Her eyes snapped opened and moving hand stopped when Shinn wrapped his arms around her waist. He buried his nose into the shirt, making Cagalli close her eyes again. Her lips were shaped in order to tell him that she was annoyed.

The warmth which was transferred from him to her did nothing to cool her down. She was aware of his hands snaking towards her abdomen but the blonde think that he was going to squeeze the loose skin.

Whether or not her son was watching didn’t matter to Cagalli as she whacked Shinn with the toy. The only part of her body that moved was her arm. The blonde liked the fact that she could maintain her cool and be angry at the same time. This was the advantage of being the sister of Kira Yamato.

She cracked an eyelid open to look at her dark haired husband. Currently he was holding his nose and had doubled over slightly. Smirking, Cagalli looked away and to the small boy, who was still happily making noises and motioned that he wanted to be picked up.

She placed the toy down and picked him up carefully. A gentle smile was then placed on her lips instead of a scowl because she knew that her baby might catch her habits. She didn’t want a kid who would scowl 24/7.

As she placed a soft kiss on his forehead, Shinn came over to her to play with him. She refused to give him up though because it was her that did all the work to bring them into the world and she deserved to play with her children.

“Uzumi.” She said, causing Shinn to look up at her in confusion.
“I want to name him after father.” As Cagalli made baby noises, a frown formed on Shinn’s forehead.
“I wanted to name him after Rey.” Cagalli looked up at him.
“I want Uzumi.”
“But I want Rey.” Two pairs of eyes narrowed slightly.

The names were repeated between the two in raised voices, forgetting that a baby still slept. They only stopped when she started to cry. Since Cagalli was preoccupied with the baby, Shinn went over to soothe her.

He picked her up and cradled her in his arms after she stopped crying. Turning back to Cagalli, he said he wanted to name the girl Mayu.

“What? I wanted to name her Asagi.” Fire returned to the blonde’s auburn eyes while ice crept into the raven haired boy’s ruby orbs.


One hour later…

Athrun gave his car keys to the driver and thanked him. He turned to his brown haired friend and said that they could go in now.

“I can’t believe that I haven’t been able to see the twins yet.” Kira said, placing his hands into his jacket pocket. The hard wind was just making the cold day even worse.

“I guess that’s one of the disadvantages of being Orb’s General Commander.” Athrun replied. He was a little regretful that he wasn’t able to see the kids either but he had been in PLANTS for an election.

The kids just had to be born in the busiest time of the year. Both adults nodded at the man who held the door open for them.

“May I take your jacket, sirs?” Athrun and Kira reluctantly took off their jackets and handed it to the man. He then pointed towards a red couch set.

“Madam and Sir will be with you in a moment.” After that, he disappeared to who knows where. Kira never liked that butler.

While Athrun walked straight over to one of the couches and sat down, Kira took his time to get there, admiring the many paintings of horses and lions on the walls.


The two men looked up a long flight of stairs and found a happy couple walking down towards them, bundles in their arms. Kira walked over to Cagalli and kissed her forehead before looking down at the bundle in her hands. Instead of the traditional blue, her son was wrapped in a thin red blanket.

Smiling, Kira placed a finger on the boy’s cheek. Cagalli then offered the boy to him for Kira to hold as she greeted Athrun. Looking to the other side, the brown haired man saw that Cagalli seemed to like breaking tradition. The baby had a similar blanket but hers was a soft yellow colour.

Athrun held the girl in his arms as he talked with Shinn. The blonde then led the three of them to the couch. She and Shinn went to one while Kira and Athrun settled themselves onto the couch opposite them.

“Did you want anything to eat or drink?” Cagalli asked.
“Sure, can I get water?”
“Same here, please.”

She nodded and looked to Shinn. “Make sure to put ice cubes in it.” Shinn frowned but knew better than to argue. While the two exchanged words, Kira and Athrun tried their best to stifle smirks. Some things never changed.

“When did you get back, Athrun?”

The blue haired male blinked and grinned, “Just yesterday. I came to see these two.” He looked down at the babies before looking at Cagalli’s happy face. “What did you name them?”

Her chuckle had the two men confused and they awaited her answer. As soon as her mouth was parted to speak, both children started to cry. Kira blinked and rocked the boy a little while Athrun panicked a bit.

When both failed, Cagalli chuckled again, walked over to them and took her children from them. She pressed the two against her shirt and rocked them back and forth. The words whispered from the blonde’s mouth hushed them and the blonde then walked back to the couch.

Kira was a little surprised at her actions and their reactions. For some reason, he had always imagined his sister being a panicky mother. Not that this was bad or anything but just a little surprising.


Two glasses were placed loudly onto the table by Shinn while Cagalli talked. He looked at their guests and was a little taken back by Athrun. The older male was…looking at Cagalli. He knew that they used to go out and everything but she was his property.

But if he said that out loud, he was sure to get a beating. So he did the next best thing; he sat himself really close to her and pushed his arm against the back of the couch and around her waist.

He glanced at Athrun and smirked a tiny smirk.

“…and Shinn wanted to name them Rey and Mayu.” There was a minute of silence for their fallen comrade and Asuka before the blonde continued. “So we came up with Daichi and Asami!”

Because Cagalli and Shinn seemed really happy about the solution, neither Kira nor Athrun said anything. They didn’t say that the girl could’ve been named Asagi while the boy could have been named Rey or vice versa.

“…I’m glad you found a solution to your problem.” Athrun said and smiled.
16th-Jun-2006 04:17 am (UTC)
ShinnCaga~~~ <3333 Family fic~~ <33333
This is really sweet XD Cranky Cagalli after labour is cute :D And it must be hard for Shinn to face such a demanding Cagalli for a change XD

It's still funny how the new parents are still aruging like children when it comes to names

And the twins <3 lol, I love how the boy took on Cagalli, while the girl took on Shinn :D and already it seems Cagalli is favoring the boy XD

I also love how Kira thought his sister would be an panicking mother... it's just so Kira to worry about his sister all the time XD

And Shinn's little jealousy over Athrun is cute too... too bad I don't think Cagalli understood that she probably looked beautiful in Shinn's eye when he wore his shirt.. I guess it can't be help when you've just been forced to gain 20 pounds >.>;

But it terms of the naming... I get taht Asami = Asagi + Uzumi... but what about Daichi?? @_@?
16th-Jun-2006 03:04 pm (UTC)
I'm glad this turned out alright ^^ Lol, he's in love; I'm sure he'll learn to cope XD
When I think Cagalli and Shinn, the arguments are never gonna go away in my eyes ^^
Lol, maybe I should make a fic late on in years to see how the family is doing...and I'm glad Kira is Kira in this fic.

I'm thinking that if she had Kira's kid, then she would be a little panicky since he is someone she can totally depend on. Athrun's the same thing except he's more calm. So when it comes to these two, I see Cagalli as someone who needs to be a 'Kira'. Hehe, I don't know if that made sense, though XD

Shinn will always be jealous of Athrun, seriously XD That's what I love about the ShinnCaga relationship; he'd probably think she was beautiful whenever while Athrun would be like, 'why don't you wear maternity clothes?' v.v

As for the naming, lol. I didn't see the Asagi + Uzumi thing, I just picked a random name. Same with Daichi. They argued about names for almost an hour and and instead of naming the kid one of the choices, they came up with something totally random ^^
16th-Jun-2006 07:55 pm (UTC)

LOL, I love how you say Shinn’s in love with Cagalli even when they’re probably married for over a year. I can totally see Shinn being in love with his wife long after they’ve been married. Athrun on the other hand, I feel he might get side tracked by the daily mundane things and forgot about why he had loved his wife in the first place.

Heehee, yes I would love another fic that shows the kids grow older XD A daddy’s little girl and trouble maker boy would be lovely!

Yes, Kira is very Kira in this fic. I like how you described his minute reactions, such as the butler and how he handled the baby more calmly than Athrun lol.

Ahh… I see what you mean, like she can afford to be a panicky mom when she’s with Kira and Athrun because she knows she can rely on them… But with Shinn, she has to take it on herself… aww… she doesn’t trust Shinn lol.

LOL, I think the Shinn’s jealousy is amusing. I wonder his jealousy is grounded and if Athrun still loves Cagalli. It didn’t seem so in the fic, but then again, who knows lol. I agree Shinn doesn’t care much about the surface stuff like what she wears. He himself doesn’t’ care much about his uniform lol. Athrun on the other hand… sigh let’s just say he nags too much.

Ahh… now the naming makes more sense lol. Yeah I can see ShinnCaga argue on things only to come to some random compromised and forgot why they argued in the first place. XD
19th-Jun-2006 10:43 pm (UTC)
I got that idea from you saying that Shinn likes to spoil his girlfriend ^^ So I'm guessing that the love would never go away in that relationship. I agree with you when you say Athrun would be side-tracked but I don't think that he'd totally forget why he loved her in the first place. He's probably the type who needs a reminder now and then.

I'll work on that as well as the prequel and squeal to my kira/caga hiro thing too. XD

Hehe, thanks a lot :D I think I'm finally broken my barrier as a writer ^^

Lol, that's so what was going on in my mind about Cagalli's thoughts. She just doesn't want to rely on someone who's two years younger than her. Otherwise she'd be like, 'damn.'

Nah, Athrun's moved on. I think Shinn's jealousy is something that will always stay because he doesn't want to be second to Athrun. Since Cagalli has had Athrun before, Shinn gets her second.

I remember the first episode of GSD when he's like, 'maybe you should have worn a dress'. I was like, ':p to you, Athrun!'.

The compromising is something I see happening a lot in their future ^^ Look forward to that :D
20th-Jun-2006 12:27 am (UTC)
wrrryyy~~ <3 ShinnCaga :D Love is in the air~ <3
and I guess yeah Athrun probably won't totally forget though it does seem like he did in GSD >.>; And getting Savior wasn't enough to remind him...

:O A KiraCaga hiro thing? what hiro thing? I want to read <3

Lol, I enjoy seeing Shinn getting jealous at Athrun though... it keeps things fun and passionate XD

OMG, i'm not the first one who hated Athrun's dress comment... imo, it was such a big Athrun turn off... he sound like a self-conscious controlling boyfriend!

heehee I love how vocal they are about their compromises... sometimes you need to speak your thoughts out for the other to understand your feelings, and that's what I love about ShinnCaga :D

20th-Jun-2006 05:20 am (UTC)
Getting Savior? If you don't me asking but what did you mean by that?

I menat the fic I wrote of them having a kid. Remember the pedophile and Hiro? I believe that you've already read it though...

Athrun vs. Shinn is a major plot thingy used in a lot, at ff.net anyway. It's fun to read since Athrun is always the calm one and Shinn the oppisite ^^ Ah really? You didn't like that either? It just showed that he didn't want Cagalli to be herself in front of Gill (in my opinion anyway).

ShinnCaga = talkitive <3
20th-Jun-2006 05:32 am (UTC)
oh.. getting saviored is a forum slang for how Kira disabled Savior... it's a reference to Kira's godly ability...

Oh, Yeah! I remember now :D ohhh you're going to make ShinnCaga work within that KiraCaga fic universe???

But not Athrun vs. Shinn for Cagalli right? Just Shinn being competitive against Athrun in general right? Imo, I think Shinn loss his interest in Athrun half way through after Freedom disabled him... it seems like Shinn was only interested in those who are stronger... which is why he turned to Kira... afterward XD

I almost felt like Athrun is ashamed of Cagalli for being who she is! *enraged*

LOL~ <3 Talkative ShinnCaga <3
22nd-Jun-2006 04:52 am (UTC)
Oh, okay. It's good to know that so if I ever do go to the forum, I won't have to embarrass myself ^-

Oh no, I couldn't do that to Kira or Shinn. Cagalli wouldn't cheat on Kira or Cagalli...Athrun maybe but not those two XD So they're from two different universes.

I like the general stories with that in it, actually XD Cagalli always ends up with Athrun in those fics so it's not fun to read those anymore. Lol, yeah, that's true too. Shinn likes those with power ^^

Word dude. Athrun is so not a character for me anymore v.v

I should make a colourbar on that ^^
23rd-Jun-2006 03:18 am (UTC)
ahhh ic XD
lol funny how we both see Cagalli would cheat on Athrun >.>; but not on Kira or Shinn... I wonder why >.>;

Yeah I'm so disappointed with FF.NET lately... like every fic is AC... and is mostly about romance... I wish people would explore more... like family and friendships...
23rd-Jun-2006 04:30 am (UTC)
Really...I think I may start to do that. Maybe I'll like claim her over at some general writing comm...spread the individual love for her around...

ahhh ic XD
lol funny how we both see Cagalli would cheat on Athrun >.>; but not on Kira or Shinn... I wonder why >.>;

Probably because we like KiraCaga and ShinnCaga more than we like AsuCaga.
24th-Jun-2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
Ahh... speaking about claims... I still have like 42 drabbles I need to do for ShinnCaga ; ;~ I really should get back to writing... actually so far I have never written anything platonic between ShinnCaga... so maybe I'm just as guilty lol~

I guess it might be because we like KiraCaga & ShinnCaga more than AsuCaga... but I also think it has to do with the fact that I feel Cagalli never took initiative in the AsuCaga relationship... And then there's the fact that Athrun never understood her... (which imo is one of the main reason why people cheat :x)
24th-Jun-2006 07:45 pm (UTC)
Ah, over at the 50 themes community? Good luck with that :) Lol.

Yeah, it was usally Athrun who made the 'efforts'. Cagalli was too preoccupied with Orb, I suppose. Geez! why did Fukuda make them siblings??? >.
24th-Jun-2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
hahaha... yeah I need that luck... My musing had been weird lately... the latest plot bunny hit me with a SsighCaga >.>;;; (Even I am a little reluctant to write it out lol)

Honestly I don't know why Fukuda made them siblings... maybe so his wife can't break them apart like she does with AL and AC >.>; Someone had once said that because KC are twins, their bond will be eternal and unconditional :(

That thought gave me a little consolation...
25th-Jun-2006 01:05 am (UTC)

Right, right, ms. Fukuda made the script...Twins are like that though, even if they don't get along, the bond they have is like strong.
25th-Jun-2006 06:50 am (UTC)
I think morosawa write the script, but I think the twin idea is fukuda's all along... I dunno, I heard he is a Star Wars fans so I assume he took the twincest from there all along :x
28th-Jun-2006 10:34 pm (UTC)
*sigh* I just realized that this is the second time the long lost brother sister thing popped up in an anime series. And those siblings were one of my favourite pairings before they find out v.v

Lol, I also noticed that we have a long thread going on over here ^^
29th-Jun-2006 04:40 am (UTC)
lol XD yeah... it's rare to have a long thread... especailly in savin_me XD
which other anime has a long lost brother sister thing other than GSD?
29th-Jun-2006 03:23 pm (UTC)

Weiss Kreuz's Omi and Ouka.

I was like, damn it! and want to know what happened to her?
30th-Jun-2006 01:53 am (UTC)
; ;~ I never read/watch Weiss Kreuz :x
30th-Jun-2006 05:00 am (UTC)
Lol, guessed so ^^ It's basically about 'good' assissians killing off bad guys that the law can't touch. Interesting lessons are learned from it, actually ^^
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