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we're still getting set up, so bear with us until we're fully functional.


Welcome to savin_me, a collective creative journal. Our community is made up of quality writers/artists/icon-makers all joined together to post their fiction/art/icons for your pleasure.
Posting entries is restricted to accepted members only, as we want to read fics by authors who met our "standards" (xD). Just ask shiina_nozumo or any of the other mods if you would like to join, although your chances will be risen if you've talked to one of us before ;)
Even if you aren't part of the community, posting comments is a-okay and is extremely encouraged, as is constructive criticism.
Please, no character/pairing/fandom bashing.

the writers BEHIND THE WORKS

shiina_nozumo: main mod and creator, contributing writer
-bio link
-fanfiction.net profile

whitelilies22: mod, contributing writer
-My Bio
-fanfiction.net profile

angrycherokee: mod, contributing writer
-bio link
-fanfiction.net profile

onirei_kirara: contributing writer
-bio link
-fanfiction.net profile

cloudedge: contributing writer
-fanfiction.net profile


This com is het (heterosexual) and slash (homosexual, both yaoi and yuri) friendly. If you do not like any of that stuff, please leave, because ignorant flames of 'omg hes not gay!!!111oneone11' and the like will not be tolerated. Plus, you will be seriously mocked ;)
We also accept fics of all genres, all ratings, and all pairings here, as well as things like incest. Don't like it? Leave.

Community LINKS

-Admin posts
-shiina_nozumo's works
-onirei_kirara's works
-angrycherokee's works
-whitelilies22's works
-cloudedge's works