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Prince of Tennis, Sakuno/Aoi 
16th-Jan-2007 06:28 pm
Princess Aurora
Title: An End
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Sakuno/Aoi
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or any of its characters.
Notes: Done for 30_kisses, not sure if it fits the theme, constructive criticism appreciated :)

There once was a world where rules didn’t exist. There once was a time when no one was different. There once was a place where adults were denied entry.

Sakuno and Aoi loved that place. Even if the two lived miles away, their stories from the past weren’t too different.

Adventures started as soon as the sun rose. The day would be spent climbing Mt. Fuji to swimming down in the depths with pretty mermaids. Sakuno particularly liked Wednesdays because the title of ‘Princess of the World’ belonged to her.

The kids from the same street, and sometimes Tomoka when she came over to play, would meet at the local playground which became the most beautiful castle in all of Japan. The five year old would sit on top of the jungle gym, commanding her loyal subjects to fight for Kingdom Ryuzaki.

Aoi liked Mondays best because his friends would be dropped off by busy parents. In less than a minute, six little boys would be famous astronauts with the goal of finding life on Mars. If alien life form got in their way, they became prisoners for Kyo-sama, the God of Toys.

Neither child was burdened with worries or responsibilities. The only concern was to be back in the afternoon for a nap. It didn’t keep those young ones from their imagination. Dragons and fairies kept the children entertained.

But ten years later, everything changed. And it seemed, as Sakuno watched the little ones play on the playground, someone else came to love Wednesdays.

Clothed in a skirt and tank top, fifteen year Ryuzaki Sakuno knew she would never be able to take a step into that world again. Before, wearing a skirt and playing didn’t matter but as people matured, they learned.

All she could do now was watch as the kids of Rokkaku played on Oji’s creation. Even if her pigtails were intact, a style considered childish, joining them wouldn’t be possible, not in the way it used to be.

Similar thoughts occupied another teen’s mind. He watched the kids play from afar before joining Sakuno on the bench. Even if kids loved him to death, Aoi no longer had their mentality.

“Kentarou-kun, do you remember those days?”

The Rokkaku student glanced over at her then looked away, redirecting his gaze to the ones in front of them. They started a game of tag. Aoi nodded and set his tennis gear on the ground.

He felt the hint of sadness emitting from her.

“We aren’t able to go back…”

For once, Aoi didn’t know what to say. He stayed quiet as his long time friend unconsciously leaned against him, her eyes transfixed on the ground. If a girl did this years earlier, Aoi would’ve freaked.

…If he was younger, that is.

Lips curved into a smile. “Neh, Sakuno-chan,” the girl looked up, dark eyes somewhat glazed over. “Are you upset we grew up?”

She frowned, “Of course.” The answer was short and crisp, indicating annoyance. Was he not listening to her?

“Then what about this?” Aoi kept her still by planting his hands on her bare shoulders, closed his eyes and skimmed his lips over hers.

Aoi hoped Sakuno’s eyes were closed too (because it would be really embarrassing if hers weren’t). Since the boy was too busy thinking about what Sakuno looked like at the very moment, he didn’t notice the blood rushing to his cheeks. He never blushed.

He pulled away and looked at the ground, rubbing his neck. It was a bold move that was. Would she hold it against him?

Aoi glanced at the girl and was relieved to find her blushing madly. He was expecting a slap or two…but then again it wouldn’t be very Sakuno-like.

Grinning like always, the teen asked another question. “You didn’t do things like when a kid, right?”

She nodded, not making eye contact. “Then growing up isn’t too bad, right?” Sakuno bashfully smiled.

As Aoi and Sakuno walked away from the playground, they linked their pinkies together, knowing an advantage of aging.

20th-Jan-2007 02:53 pm (UTC) - Arihdni
that was so cute! aoi/sakuno, you don't see that every day...I missed a lot you aio/sakuno fics

he's just a ichinen very very tall for his age XD! they could be a possible pair, if konomi just give us more sakuno appearences in the manga...

Nee, i liked how you put the good thing of grown up, kissing... guess the mouth kiss is very much of an adult. But you can always keep the childhood memories, those are the happiest! ^u^
20th-Jan-2007 06:59 pm (UTC) - Re: Arihdni
Thank you :) I could't think of anything to write between these two. Very tall and very loud XD They could be but I keep he wants Sakuno with Ryoma, seeing how most of her apperances are usually linked to him...

Thanks for reading :D

P.S. Have you ever thought of getting an LJ?
24th-Jan-2007 11:54 pm (UTC)
First time I've read an Aoi/Sakuno. Very sweet story!
25th-Jan-2007 05:46 am (UTC)
Thank you :D
I wuv Aoi/Sakuno - opposite attracts pair XD
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